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CATS are crazy !!

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Look at the difference: In 1977 I bought a small house in Portland Oregon for $24,000. At the time I was earning $5 per hour working at a large auto parts store. I owned a 4 year old Chevy Nova that cost $1,500. Now, 36 years later that same job pays $8 an hour, that same house costs $185,000 and a 4 year old Chevy costs $10,000. Wages haven’t kept up with expenses at all. And, I should point out that that $5 an hour job in 1977 was union and included heath benefits.

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By Mike Cervantes

People should really have to pass an IQ test to use the fucking internet


Giant Lugia by MagnaStorm
I made another giant plush @____@

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I wish tumblr was as cool as it was when we were all making fun of jessi slaughter back in 2011

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